Want to move somewhere else in Mass? Not an option, in some polls.

Gallup made headlines this week by ranking states based on how many of their residents want to move away. Massachusetts’ residents had the 8th itchiest feet, with 41 percent saying they would leave the Bay State. That number is considerably higher than what we have seen when we asked similar questions in our own polling. We wondered, […]


DCCC MA6 polling memo

Update: We have received confirmation that the favorable / unfavorable ratio is 59/24, resolving the earlier ambiguity. Posted April 5, 2014. There has been some disagreement and ambiguity concerning The Hill’s description of a DCCC poll of the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District’s Democratic Primary. Specifically, the description of Tierney’s favorables is ambiguous in the article. According […]

Winning elections is not all about likability

Signals suggest Scott Brown announcing a Senate run in New Hampshire this afternoon amid upside down favorability ratings. But favorables and likeability aren’t everything—the 2012 Massachusetts Senate campaign showed us that.


Boston favors criminal justice reform

Boston residents are even more supportive of criminal justice reform proposals than are residents statewide, where support is already quite high. Three quarters of Boston residents would prefer the criminal justice system focus on prevention or rehabilitation, while the current system is seen as most effective at punishment.


Mapping MAGov contributions

Democrats Don Berwick and Juliette Kayyem have relied more on out of state contributions than have other candidates.

Game over?

When does the primary election trump the general? A look at the competitiveness of the districts that voted in special elections yesterday.

Live blog – special election turnout

8:10 PM – Here’s the updated table and map with the 6 PM turnout. Polls are now closed, and we’ll update tomorrow with the final figures. 7:10 PM – The 6 PM update is in. By and large, a similar pattern is holding in terms of where turnout is relatively higher and lower. The only obvious aberration is […]