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In New Hampshire, Trump's now-defunct voter fraud commission made its mark

By Steve Koczela

(CNN) -- The presidential commission on voter fraud came to an abrupt end when President Trump dissolved it this week. Its legacy is more than a little ironic. The commission was originally tasked with building confidence in the electoral process, according the executive order that created it. But despite finding no proof of fraud, it undercut the very trust it was supposed to build. The months of spreading evidence-free conspiracy theories about massive voter fraud are still taking their toll and will for a long time as questions about election integrity add fuel to calls for more restrictive voting laws.


Analysis: Non-White Mass. Voters More Troubled By Climate Change Than White Voters

By Steve Koczela

Massachusetts voters are more concerned than ever about climate change. That's according to a WBUR poll released earlier this summer, which found more of the state’s voters than ever believe climate change is real, already underway and likely to bring serious consequences.


No popular options for repeal or replace: 'Repeal and delay' just as unpopular as GOP health care bill

By Steve Koczela and Rich Parr

Less than 24 hours after conservative senators Jerry Moran and Mike Lee joined Rand Paul and Susan Collins in opposing the Senate’s “repeal and replace” health care bill, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s “repeal and delay” plan B crashed almost before it got off the ground.