Residents Support Legislative Involvement in Redistricting…Still Want Independent Commission

A January MassINC poll showed broad support for establishing an independent commission on redistricting.  Since then, one push-back from those opposed to an independent commission is that respondents to such polls do not realize the State Legislature will remain involved in the process, and therefore misunderstand the issue at hand.  In the case of the MassINC poll, this argument is unfounded.  The poll did ask about the level of involvement the legislature should have in the process, with clear results. Ironically, the results may bring comfort those who challenge poll respondents’ comprehension of the issue.  By a two-to-one margin, respondents would like the legislature to remain involved in the process in some form.  Respondents are split on whether legislative involvement should be direct (24 percent) or indirect (36 percent) but strong in the belief that legislative involvement should continue.  Only 32 percent believe the State Legislature should have no involvement at all.

No, it is not a lack of understanding that drives interest in an independent commission.  Residents want an independent commission, plain and simple.  They are fine with a healthy dose of involvement from the State Legislature, but want an independent commission all the same.