January MAGov fundraising roundup

The January fundraising totals are in for the gubernatorial candidates, Attorney General Martha Coakley, who is leading the field in name recognition and favorability in our recent WBUR poll, also topped the field in the cash race. Coakley narrowly edged Republican Charlie Baker for the largest monthly haul, followed closely by State Treasurer Steve Grossman. Baker, as in previous months, holds a lead in total dollars drawn from Massachusetts donors. Cont Source And Baker again received the most money from small donors, though large donations continue to make up the bulk of the contributions for all candidates. 

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Democratic hopeful Juliette Kayyem is also demonstrating fundraising prowess, though the majority of her money in January (as in previous months) came from out of state. Fellow Democrat Donald Berwick showed a similar geographic split, though with a lower overall total. The two independent candidates and Republican Mark Fisher are largely self-financing their campaigns.

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Looking at fundraising back to the beginning of 2013, Baker's fundraising total has now neared Grossman's, despite his later start, in August. But Baker's pace slowed this month, after raking in $430,000 in December.

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