Poll for WBUR shows casino support dropping in Mass.

Our newest poll for WBUR shows support for casinos in Massachusetts continues to drop. For years before and after the November 2011 Expanded Gaming Act was passed, support ranged from 55 percent to 60 percent, with opposition in the low 30's. The four most recent polls to explore this issue have showed support dropping from 60 percent to 46 percent and opposition climbing to 43 percent since late last year. 


The poll also explored support for legalizing recreational marijuana and found 48 percent support for the idea, with 41 percent expressing opposition. This also appears to be a shift from an earlier Massachusetts poll conducted in late 2013, showing opposition to the idea. The local change reflects broader national trends toward increasing support for legalization.

The full WBUR story with additional information and analysis is here, with toplines and crosstabs.

This telephone poll of 500 likely 2014 general election voters was conducted March 14-16, 2014 via landline and cellular telephone. The margin of sampling error is 4.4%.

Pollster Respondents Date Support Oppose Don't Know / Refused / Other
MPG / WBUR LVs Mar-14 46% 43% 11%
Suffolk / Herald LVs Feb-14 50% 37% 13%
MPG / WBUR RVs Jan-14 53% 39% 8%
WNEU RVs Nov-13 60% 33% 7%
UMass Dartmouth All adults Sep-11 56% 31% 13%
UMass Dartmouth All adults Apr-11 55% 23% 22%
WNEU RVs Apr-10 58% 33% 9%
WNEU RVs Oct-09 56% 33% 11%