March 2014 Gubernatorial Race Fundraising Roundup

March 2014 fundraising figures for the gubernatorial election are in. Here's what they show.

  1. In March, gubernatorial candidates reported $894,007 in contributions, and added just over half a million dollars of their own money into their campaign accounts.
  2. Republican Charlie Baker continues to lead in fundraising totals, pulling in just over $300,000 in March. 
  3. Juliette Kayyem added $200,000 of her own money to her account this month, giving her the second highest total receipts. She was one of five candidates contributing their own money this month.
  4. In terms of contributions, Martha Coakley led all Democrats, with $210,308. The next highest were Steve Grossman ($135,006) and Don Berwick ($129,863).
  5. Don Berwick pulled more money from Massachusetts donors than donors elsewhere for the first month since he started running.March