WBUR and The MassINC Polling Group Renew Partnership for 2015


MPG CONTACT: Richard Parr Research Director The MassINC Polling Group Office: 617-224-1628 rparr@massincpolling.com

WBUR CONTACT: Kristen Holgerson Director of Marketing & Promotions Office: 617.358.2011 kholgers@wbur.org


BOSTON, December 11, 2014 On the heels of a successful 2014 election cycle, WBUR and The MassINC Polling Group (MPG) announced today the renewal of their polling relationship through 2015. The move continues the partnership that produced the most accurate polling of last month’s Massachusetts governor and U.S. Senate races, as well as pioneering, data-driven analysis of state politics.

“We were thrilled that our WBUR Tracking Poll ended up being right on target in the most important races in last month’s election,” said Charlie Kravetz, General Manager of WBUR. “We felt it was important to give the public a reliable touchstone in the midst of the spin and noise of election season, and the WBUR Tracking Poll did just that.”

The final Tracking Poll, which ran weekly from Labor Day until Election Day, had Republican Charlie Baker defeating Martha Coakley by a single percentage point, a tighter margin than other media pollsters predicted. Baker ended up winning 48 percent to 47 percent. The poll also showed incumbent U.S. Senator Ed Markey defeating his Republican challenger by 25 points; Markey won by 24 points.

In addition to the weekly Tracking Poll, MPG and WBUR also collaborated on Poll Vault, a groundbreaking, data-driven exploration of Massachusetts politics. Using the trail of data generated by Massachusetts elections and politics, Poll Vault covered the quantitative aspects of the campaign with clarity and precision. Poll Vault’s interactive maps and leading-edge graphics make it the go-to resource for those looking for the numbers behind the state’s political stories.

“This was something entirely new,” said MPG founder and President Steve Koczela. “The national playing field is crowded, but there is very little in terms of local and state level journalism that treats political data seriously.”

With no statewide elections in 2015, the partnership will focus on issues and policy, an area where MPG has significant experience, releasing more issues polling to the public than any pollster in Massachusetts in recent years. MPG will also continue to contribute data-driven analysis of polling and politics throughout the year, on WBUR.org and on the airwaves.

“We’ve had years of elections in Massachusetts, and now we’re going to have a chance to focus on the new administration and governing the state,” said Kravetz. “We think the polling and analysis that this partnership will continue to produce fits perfectly with what WBUR does best, which is providing depth and context to the news.”

The partnership will also move beyond the borders of Massachusetts, with polls covering other state-level races and national politics. The details of this component of the partnership will depend on where WBUR polling could be particularly timely and impactful.

About the MassINC Polling Group:

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