MBTA data and reports

This page will serve as a repository for any MBTA-related materials we post. March 4, 2016: Raw data from MBTA online survey of riders regarding fare increases.

  1. Raw data from MBTA fare increase survey.

July 21, 2015: PowerPoint slides reviewing progress toward the goals set by the MBTA special panel and Keolis performance.

  1. Back On Track Board Report #1
  2. Keolis Year 1 presentation to Board

May 28, 2015: This document was provided by MassDOT and used in the May 28th CommonWealth Magazine article entitled "Fact-checking MBTA union’s radio ad".

  1. MBTA On Time Performance By Mode, 2013-2015

May 11, 2015: There is now a website with documents and spreadsheets used by the T panel in creating their report. The below document relating to employee absenteeism originally appeared on the website, was subsequently removed, and then re-posted with changes.

  1. The Challenge of Employee Absenteeism

April 30, 2015: The first four documents were used in the MBTA panel's analysis of absenteeism. The last was provided during discussions about absenteeism with MassDOT officials.

  1. MBTA Employee Availability, FY 2013 v. FY 2014
  2. MBTA Employee Availability, FY 2013
  3. MBTA Employee Availability, FY 2014
  4. MBTA Employee Availability, January and February 2015
  5. Additional MBTA slides on employee absenteeism

April 11, 2015:

  1. Event Timeline Summary.  April 11, 2015. Reported in the Boston Herald.
  2. Communications Timeline. April 11, 2015. Reported in the Boston Herald.
  3. Capital budget slides. April 7, 2015. Reported in various outlets.
  4. Absenteeism slides. April 7, 2015. Reported in various outlets.