WBUR Poll: Bostonians Back Olympic Bid, But Also Want A Referendum

Topline (PDF) Crosstabs (PDF) Our new poll for WBUR was released this morning. It was conducted among 507 registered voters inside of Route 128, with an oversample in the City of Boston. From WBUR:  A new WBUR poll shows that although a majority of Bostonians support a 2024 Olympic bid, an overwhelming number of residents want a […]

How much per gallon? Coakley not alone in gas tax gaffe

Attorney General Martha Coakley has been catching flack today for flubbing the amount of the Massachusetts gas tax during an appearance on WCVB’s On the Record over the weekend. Coakley said she thought the state’s gas tax was 10 cents per gallon; the actual amount is 24 cents per gallon. Coakley’s error is certainly more understandable than when […]

Candidates look near and far in search for campaign cash

Due to a new addition to the extended MPG family (Rosalie Ruth Koczela, born 3 weeks ago), we are a bit late on the April fundraising roundup. Rather than rehash the monthly fundraising totals, which have been reported elsewhere, we have summarized the full fundraising data, from January 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014,  in […]

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Want to move somewhere else in Mass? Not an option, in some polls.

Gallup made headlines this week by ranking states based on how many of their residents want to move away. Massachusetts’ residents had the 8th itchiest feet, with 41 percent saying they would leave the Bay State. That number is considerably higher than what we have seen when we asked similar questions in our own polling. We wondered, […]


DCCC MA6 polling memo

Update: We have received confirmation that the favorable / unfavorable ratio is 59/24, resolving the earlier ambiguity. Posted April 5, 2014. There has been some disagreement and ambiguity concerning The Hill’s description of a DCCC poll of the Massachusetts 6th Congressional District’s Democratic Primary. Specifically, the description of Tierney’s favorables is ambiguous in the article. According […]