MPG’s Steve Koczela testifies on regional ballots for transportation

This morning MPG President Steve Koczela testified before the Joint Committee on Revenue regarding public support for regional ballots for transportation. The Committee was considering a bill sponsored by State Sen. Ben Downing (S.B. 1474), which would allow cities, towns and regions to place local taxes to fund transportation projects before the voters as ballot […]


As Gov. Baker testifies on energy, polling shows voters favor solar, other renewables

Gov. Charlie Baker is testifying today on Beacon Hill in support of two pieces of legislation his administration has filed on energy issues. The first would lift the cap on net metering for solar power, increasing the amount that residents, businesses and communities can get back from electric companies for generating their own solar power. The […]


New Paper Finds Evidence of Fabrication in International Surveys

Data fabrication (i.e. creating fake survey data) has been a concern since the beginning of organized survey research. The risk has always been present that someone in the chain of survey data collection and processing would simply invent the data rather than gathering it the right way. A new paper from MPG President Steve Koczela and several co-authors […]

MPG Receives HHS Grant to Hold Conference on Survey Data Fabrication

The MassINC Polling Group will work with the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) at The University of Chicago to hold a conference on survey data fabrication in 2016. The work will be funded through a grant awarded to NORC and MPG from the US Department of Health and Human Services. This conference funding is the […]

The Topline: US Olympics? Yes In Your Back Yard

Americans really want to host the 2024 Olympics. They want it more than they have in the past. They want it more than other countries do. They want it more than almost any country ever has.


WBUR and The MassINC Polling Group Renew Partnership

WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, and The MassINC Polling Group (MPG) are pleased to announce the renewal of their partnership through June 2016. The WBUR Poll will continue to cover the most pressing political issues of the day, bringing Massachusetts public opinion to the center of the conversation.

The Topline: Baker hits high note with Opioid Task Force

Governor Charlie Baker rolled out the findings and recommendations of his administration’s Opioid Addiction Working Group at a press conference on Monday. Recent polls on the issue suggest the administration’s approach will find an appreciative public.