Making public state salary data...public

Download the data (3.2 MB)

The state salary database is public information, available (in part and imperfectly) on the state’s “Open Checkbook” website. Several media outlets have posted pieces online, but none have taken the step of making the whole database fully available to the public.

Without further ado, here is the full dataset (3.2 MB), available for you to download and analyze as you see fit. Drop us a line if you write anything on this or create any visualizations using this data. We are interested in seeing what others find when this public information is made, well, public.

Why are we, a polling outfit, taking an interest in this? In short, our interest in good data is what drives this. Along with the OCPF campaign finance analysis we have been doing, posting this information is part of our commitment to promoting responsible and widespread use of data. We will be doing more of this, so stay tuned.