WBUR and The MassINC Polling Group Renew Partnership


BOSTON – July 1, 2015 – WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station, and The MassINC Polling Group (MPG) are pleased to announce the renewal of their partnership through June 2016. The WBUR Poll will continue to cover the most pressing political issues of the day, bringing Massachusetts public opinion to the center of the conversation. WBUR Poll results have been at the center of the conversation in recent months with groundbreaking polls on the Boston Olympic bid, the MBTA, and the Boston Marathon bombing trial.

MPG will conduct  more WBUR Polls on the 2024 Boston Olympic bid through the host city election in 2017, or as long as Boston remains in contention. WBUR Olympic polls have been widely cited locally as well as by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other national and international news outlets. The WBUR Poll will also continue to cover issues at the center of the policy discussion in the Commonwealth and follow public opinion on the state's key political leaders, especially in light of the upcoming presidential conventions.

"We share an ethos with WBUR," said Steve Koczela, president of the MassINC Polling Group. "Polling is a way to bring the public into conversations where their voices would otherwise not be heard. It's a way for the public to share their opinions both with their leaders and with each other."

“WBUR is committed to enterprising, substantive reporting on issues that affect the community,” said Richard Chacon, Executive Director of News Content, WBUR. “We believe that the data derived from the WBUR Polls helps bring clarity to complex news stories and how we report them.”

Since the partnership was formed in 2011, the WBUR Poll has produced more public polling in Massachusetts than any other outlet, covering both policy issues and elections. The last year of the partnership was marked by several notable successes. The WBUR weekly tracking poll, which ran from August to Election Day 2014, predicted the outcome of the governor's race and Senate race within a percentage point of the official tally, the most accurate polling in both races. The polling was also the basis for Poll Vault, a pop-up vertical covering politics and polling during the height of the election cycle.

About The MassINC Polling Group (MPG): The MassINC Polling Group is a full-service opinion research company serving public, private, and social sector organizations. MPG started in Boston with a local and state-level focus and now serves a national client base.  Although we have expanded our reach, we still conduct and release more public opinion research on Massachusetts than any other polling organization. Our president, Steve Koczela, has written extensively on public opinion and data analysis for both media and academic publications.

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